Unparalled Resources

Origin's partners have more than 30 years experience delivering cutting-edge management strategies to a wide variety of journals: biomedical, professional, scientific and the humanities. They have pooled their talent for successful journal supervision with their dedication to sound editorial practice so as to provide an unparalleled resource for editorial office management. Origin is able to call upon a network of experienced editorial staff, with a dedicated individual assigned to a title to ensure continuity, a critical component in building relationships with authors, reviewers, and editors.

Our team consists of more than 50 members based in North America and the United Kingdom. All our team members have a wealth of editorial office experience or a background in publishing management or production. Several occupy prominent positions at organizations such as the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors and the Council of Science Editors. The team possesses a formidable depth of experience and an array of skillsets suited ideally to peer review management, ranging from the traditional (editing and project management) through to more enhanced activities such as social media development, journal publishing management and even statistical modeling for incisive peer review data analysis.

Senior Partners

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts

Jason Roberts, PhD, Senior Partner

After earning a doctorate in Geography from Loughborough University, Dr. Roberts began work in the subscription services department at Blackwell Science in Oxford, UK. Following a move to Blackwell’s US office he switched to the editorial team and eventually rose to be Publishing Manager and then Senior Editor of US-based medical journals. In 2004 he left Blackwell to become the Managing Editor for Headache, and later in 2004 he also founded the editorial office of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Roberts was the founding president of the International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (www.ismte.org). He is committed to educating all publishing stakeholders on publication ethics, editorial office best practice and the implementation of robust ethics policies. He works closely with the EQUATOR Network to provide resources for journals, editors and publishers to implement policies that encourage improved reporting standards in an effort to ensure journals more rigorously validate papers and provide readers with the information they need to potentially replicate a study.

Kristen Overstreet

Kristen Overstreet

Kristen Overstreet, BA, Senior Partner

Kristen Overstreet earned her undergraduate degree in English and Journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1997. She began working as an editorial assistant for a pediatric nursing journal in 1998, became the managing editor in 2006, and took on four more titles in 2007. She joined the Board of Directors for the International Society for Managing and Technical Editors and was the founding Editor of the Society’s newsletter, EON (Editorial Office News) in 2008. She is currently the Immediate Past-President for the Society and serving as the Chair of the Education and Nominating Committees.

Ms. Overstreet is skilled in providing hands-on management of the editorial office with an eye for future journal enhancement; reducing production workload and timelines; using electronic media to market journals and encourage user communities; acting as the liaison between editors, publishers, and authors/reviewers; implementing publication ethics policies; and assessing and improving journal policies and processes. She provides consultation for societies and publishers who want to elevate their journals to industry best practices. Additionally, she speaks regularly on these topics at industry meetings.