Reviewer Conversion Rate Charts

The conversion rate charts are used to quantify how individuals invited to peer review respond. There are different conversion rates that can be evaluated, among these are the invited-to-agreed, invited-to-completed, and the agreed-to-completed conversion rates. Read today’s post to learn more about these conversion rates and ways that your journal might improve responses to their reviewer invitations.

Is it Possible to Love MyReports Even More?

MyReports is a feature that allows you to save your chart parameters in a Custom Report, which can be updated as needed by simply uploading your most recent data set.
We have now launched version 2 of MyReports, which includes many improved features to give you more control over how you present your data. MyCharts and MyReports are now more closely linked to make it clearer which charts are included in your custom reports and how the charts and reports are linked.

Understanding Bubble Charts

Bubble charts are a great way to show multiple aspects of your data in a visually interesting way. Once your audience becomes accustomed to bubble charts, they will quickly take in the various aspects of the chart to gain a deep understanding of the data.