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Origin Reports is designed for editorial office professionals who need to prepare accurate, sophisticated performance reports to communicate with editorial boards, publishers, and funders. Generate tables, charts, and graphs in seconds using your editorial office data from Scholar One or Editorial Manager. Use filters to highlight critical data trends, save your charts into customizable reports, or use our Standard Reports designed by editorial reporting experts.

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New Charts:

Anonymized editor histograms which can be used to construct editor performance reports without editor names


Direct Delivery – schedule monthly reports to be sent directly to your email, no log in required Editor Report Cards – produce a series of editor charts to let your team know how they are performing Team Accounts – manage user access for multiple journals, assign privileges for users, create and share custom report templates between team members Improved date range selector – it will be easier than ever before to set custom date ranges for your charts Download improvements – higher resolution downloads, increased readability of chart labels and legends, and redesigned chart layouts optimized for presentations

Product Updates:

Box Plots & Median Charts and Tables – We have added an extensive number of charts and tables showing the median, as opposed to charts that only include the mean (average), values. Included in the new charts are box plots which can be created at the click of a button, saving you hours of time!

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