Introducing ORIGINal ThoughtsꟷA New Resource from Origin Editorial

Founded in 2010, Origin Editorial set out to achieve a simple goal: to provide outstanding editorial services for peer-reviewed journals. This goal was underpinned by the belief that superior peer review management leads to better outcomes for the scholarly communications enterprise. Now, more than a decade later, that original goal still holds true for the more than 70 journals our team members serve. As the number of our clients and consultants continue to grow, the cornerstone of our business remains unchanged, but we’ve broadened our purpose. We now look to ignite change in scholarly publishing and empower our clients to achieve success. We aim to accomplish these new goals by adhering to our values of Independence, Collaboration, and Knowledge. These values drive all aspects of Origin Editorial—our decisions are evidence-based and free from influence, we use our collective wisdom and experience to achieve a common goal, and we strive to learn and inform in all that we do.

Igniting change starts with tapping into the vast knowledge and experience of our community of editorial office professionals by providing a platform for education and discussion. This is where our new blog, ORIGINal Thoughts, comes in. This blog will be a key resource for all levels of professionals who work in peer review as we navigate the turbulent changes affecting our industry. For so many of us, the work we do can be solitary or include a small team—ORIGINal Thoughts will connect you to a larger community by routinely providing information and guidance to help all editorial professionals and their journals thrive.

Our focus for ORIGINal Thoughts will be content that is specific and unique to our community of peer review professionals—examples of topics we’ll cover include ethics in scientific publishing; standard policies all journals should consider implementing; diversity, equity, and inclusion considerations for journals; and how to train reviewers, authors, and editors. The posts will be written by members of the scholarly publishing industry and reviewed by an editorial board comprising Origin Editorial team members. We aim to make our posts informative, practical, and concise. We know how busy you are—to that end, each post will contain three-to-five take-home points, which will help you quickly assess the relevance of the content to your work.

As you read our posts, we encourage you to share your thoughts in the Comments section—our goal with the blog is to learn from one another and what better way to do so than hear others’ opinions and perspectives on the topics we write about. We also want to know what topics you’d like to see covered in ORIGINal Thoughts and welcome you to write for the blog as well. To share your topic ideas or to offer to write a post, email Origin’s Managing Director, Erin Landis.


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