Is it Possible to Love MyReports Even More?

Is it Possible to Love MyReports Even More?


May 5, 2021

By: Sherrie Hill & Kristen Overstreet

MyReports is a feature that allows you to save your chart parameters in a Custom Report, which can be updated as needed by simply uploading your most recent data set.

We have now launched version 2 of MyReports, which includes many improved features to give you more control over how you present your data. MyCharts and MyReports are now more closely linked to make it clearer which charts are included in your custom reports and how the charts and reports are linked.

Create Custom Versions of Standard Reports

Origin Reports’ Standard Reports have been designed by editorial report experts. You can choose to start with one of our standard reports, modify it, and then save it as a Custom Report, rather than creating a custom report from scratch.

New or improved features:

See All of Your Saved Charts in MyCharts

Now you can see all the charts that you have saved in one place. In version 2 of MyReports, when you add a chart to a report, it is automatically added to MyCharts as well.

MyCharts Shows Links to MyReports

You can now see which of your saved charts in MyCharts are being utilized in a report. Every saved chart indicates whether it is linked to a report. The Origin Reports app will also alert you if you try to delete a chart that is linked to a report.

Figure 2.png

Edit Saved Charts

If you find that you need to make some small changes to a chart that has been saved to one of your custom reports, you can edit the chart directly from the Custom Report screen in MyReports. In Chart Edit mode, you can make any needed changes to the chart. You can then choose to save the changes for the current report or save the chart into a different report. After editing your chart, use the new Return to Report button to return directly to the custom report screen.

Drag and Drop Chart Reordering

You now have more control over the order in which your charts appear in your custom report. If you need to move a chart to a new position, simply pick it up, drag it to the desired location, and drop it where you want it.

Figure 3.png

Give Your Saved Charts Custom Names

While in Chart Edit mode, you can choose to give your chart a custom name. This name will not appear in the final report you download, but it will help you keep track of your charts. You will be able to easily distinguish between two charts that might look similar. Thus, it is especially useful if you are using the Drag and Drop feature.

Automatically Add Journal Acronyms to Chart Titles

When it is time to download a new report for a particular journal, simply upload the most recent data set for that journal and enter the journal’s acronym on your Custom Report screen. The acronym will automatically be added to all chart titles saved in that report. Reporting for multiple journals has never been easier.

Figure 4.png

Automatic Saves Feature

MyReports now automatically saves any changes that you make to your custom report, such as reordering the charts or changing between landscape and portrait orientation.

Save As New Report

You can modify an existing custom report and save it as a new report. If you provide information for several meetings each year, you can create a master report, then modify the master and save it as a new reports to meet the needs of each of your meetings.

Download as a PowerPoint File

In version 2 of MyReports, you can now choose to download your reports as a PDF or PowerPoint file. In your PowerPoint file, you can add your custom title page or add any additional text you need to describe your charts.

We can’t wait for you to try out the newly updated MyReports. Visit to try it out today and click the chat box in the bottom right corner of the app to ask us any questions you may have. We want your user experience to be easy, successful and exceed expectations.


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