Submissions Map: Show Your Submissions Data in a More Interesting Way

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Map with an accompanying chart is not only visually exciting but allows you to graphically show the volume of submissions while also providing specific details.

Origin Reports’ Chart of the Month – May

Submissions by Country Map


May 19, 2021

By: Sherrie Hill & Jason Roberts

Most journals are trying to expand their readership to a larger worldwide audience. One of the ways this can be done is to present content from authors from a wide range of countries. To help track this data, journal offices typically use the corresponding author’s country to report the number of submissions by country to their editorial board.

With the required data set identified, the question then becomes “What is the most effective way to present this data to your editorial board?” Predominantly, this type of data is reported in tables or bar charts. Tables are good at showing the data in an organized manner, though it is more difficult to visualize trends just by looking at the numeric values. Bar charts show trends much better than tables, however, if your report already includes several bar charts, it is hard to make the regional data stand out from all the other charts and unless you add labels, specific numbers can be hard to discern.

CotM 05-19-21 image 2.png

Origin Reports gives you the option of showing your submissions by country on a world map. The country’s color is determined by the number of submissions from that country. Countries with more submissions show up as more prominent colors. The map chart is accompanied by a table with a ranked list of submissions by country.

CotM 05-19-21 image 3.png

When viewed live in Origin Reports, the map has additional features, such as the ability to hover over a country to both highlight it, spatially, on the map as well as display a tool tip containing key submission stats. When the country name is selected from the table, a bar chart is shown displaying the historic submission data for that country. A percent change line can be added to the bar chart to further highlight submission trends.

CotM 05-19-21 image 4.png

Origin Reports’ submission map chart lets you present critical data in a way that helps your readers quickly understand and interpret your journal’s data. Visit Origin Reports and try out the Submissions Map Chart in the demo.


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