Simplified Journal Reporting: You Don’t Have to Figure It All Out Again

You Know, You Don’t Have to Figure It All Out Again




April 21, 2021

By: Sherrie Hill & Kristen Overstreet

There are times in our professional lives when we find a tool that is amazing, but the tool requires some time to learn how to use it.  Maybe, it is learning to create a new type of extraction report in your peer review system or learning a new software application that will help you do your job better.  These tools are great and we can’t wait to use them again, but perhaps we only need to use it a few times a year.  Then in the gap between the time you spent reading the instructions or sitting in virtual training and the time you need it again, you have a sinking realization that you have forgotten quite a bit of what you knew just a few months ago.  I think we have all had that moment when we have to decide if it is worth trying to re-learn the ‘new’ shorter process or if it will take less time to return to the slower but more familiar way of doing things.

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Luckily, this isn’t something that you will need to worry about with Origin Reports. Origin Reports was built to be easy to use. Origin Reports features Quick Charts that allow you to generate many of the most frequently used charts by just uploading your data set and clicking on one of the Quick Charts buttons.

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Origin Reports also features MyCharts, which allows you to save your customized chart settings (called Parameters) so that they can be re-generated at any time. Simply navigate to the MyCharts section, upload your most recent data set, and click on any of your saved charts to regenerate and download the chart.

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The MyReports feature lets you create and save Custom Reports.  Add as many charts as you want into your custom report.  Later, you can go directly to MyReports, upload your new data set, and generate your updated report.  It’s that easy. Nothing to figure out.  Nothing to remember.


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If you don’t have time to create custom reports, then use one of our Standard Reports in the MyReports section.  Our Standard Reports have been designed by our editorial reporting expert, Jason Roberts, to ensure that you have the charts you need to help your team visualize the health of your journal.  Within 5 minutes of uploading your data, you can generate and download an entire report full of charts and tables designed to give journal offices the information they need to make data-driven decisions.

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There are also additional features for added support in Origin Reports, such as an easy-to-navigate Help Center, product tours, built-in info buttons, private help sessions, and a chat function that allows you to contact our team with your specific questions.


Origin Reports is designed so that you NEVER have to figure it all out again!


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