Our Services

Full Complement of Services

Origin offers a full complement of peer review management and production services, as well as consultancies, for a wide range of journal and other publishing needs. We emphasize efficiency and precision while recognizing a personal touch is important in fostering relationships with all stakeholders in the scholarly communications ecosystem.

Origin facilitates the entire journal publishing process, from editorial assistant to publication director services. Our journals range in size from large (12,000 submissions per annum), high-citation titles to small, invitation-only publications. We also manage book review and publication, transcription editing and many other publishing projects.

Peer Review Management

Origin can help you maximize your peer review practices and processes. 

We provide the following services, among others:
  • Manuscript processing
  • Navigating submissions through peer review
  • Managing journal email inboxes
  • Liaising with authors, reviewers, editors, societies and publishers
  • Supporting editors
  • Maintaining reviewer database
  • Providing performance metrics
  • Managing special issues
  • Preparing papers for dispatch to production
  • Issue management, including page budgets
  • Editor, reviewer and author training
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Assisting with editorial board meetings
  • Developing policies and procedures manuals
  • Implementing policies and procedures in peer review workflows
  • Creating ethical protocols
  • Investigating ethical issues


Navigating the complex world of scholarly publishing can be daunting, even for the most seasoned professional. We can help. 

We offer a wide range of consultancies, including:
  • Workflow audits
  • Rescue for failing titles
  • Development and sale of editorial matter
  • Online presence enhancement
  • Direction of future content
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Impact factor analysis and strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Strategic planning for journals
  • Product development
  • Capacity management
  • Publisher RFPs
  • Contract negotiations
  • Key performance metrics
  • Reporting

Production Services

Let Origin guide you through the production process, ensuring your journal, or other project, gets out the door on time. 

We provide production services such as:
  • Managing production schedules
  • Transmitting accepted content to the compositor/publisher
  • Working with compositors/publishers and authors to secure missing content, answer queries and/or obtain higher-quality images
  • Liaising with authors and publisher
  • Working with graphic artists/illustrators to design new journal covers
  • Working with illustrators to redraw figures for commissioned content
  • Reviewing proof pages to ensure quality of typesetting and adherence to journal format/style
  • Compiling and proofing HTML and PDF versions of papers for proper links, references and format/style
  • Sending proofs to authors/editors
  • Chasing corrections and addressing inquiries
  • Adding author-generated corrections to create final proofs
  • Ensuring print quality of compiled journal issues
  • Coordinating updates for online content (i.e., erratum, publisher’s notes)
  • Adhering to pricing and printing schedules
  • Securing cover art options for journal print issues
  • Creating and proofing tables of content and front matter, incorporating editorial office input
  • Incorporating advertising content following editorial office approval
  • Troubleshooting and proactively communicating with all stakeholders


Science should be precisely communicated. We can ensure that your journal / project is free of distracting typos, incorrect grammar and spelling errors. 

Our services include copyediting for:
  • Language
  • Style
  • Layout
  • Grammar
  • References
  • Hyperlinks
  • Spelling
  • Figures and tables

Reporting & Analysis

Our Reporting & Analysis services provide valuable insights and analytics to empower publishers, editors, and authors in understanding and maximizing the impact of their publications.
  • Origin Analytics
  • Impact Factor Analysis

Workflow & Technology Optimization

As a publisher, society, or journal, keeping up with today’s dynamic publishing landscape and rapidly advancing peer-review technology is challenging. Are your current workflows and technology equipped to keep up?  Our workflow and technology optimization services provide customized solutions, helping you embrace the latest innovations to support your peer review processes. 

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